Investor Relations

A good Investor relations (IR) program can have a positive impact on the company’s perception amongst investors, its financial brand, visibility and more importantly the market capitalization by achieving fair valuation.

An effective and efficient IR program not only helps to improve the stock liquidity but can also improve the company’s own relative valuation by nearly 30%*, translating into millions of dollars increase in the market capitalization of a company.

Investor Relations Enhancement Program

Communicating with investors is as crucial as making and executing strategy and business plans for company’s consistent growth. Regular communication and updated information by the company helps the market to value the company appropriately.

S-Ancial’s Investor Relations Enhancement Program (IREP) introduces the best global IR practices to the company and hence helps them in identifying the opportunities to improve the existing processes or add new processes in a company’s IR program.

IREP provides the company with better control on its information dissemination and get the best of two way communication with investors and other stake holders. IREP not only helps to build your company’s financial brand and get your company closer to fair valuation, but also positions your company well for future fund raising activities. 


20-30 % saving in C-Suite time and annual IR budget

Unbiased feedback from investors (Investor Perception Study)

Building the company’s financial brand

Positioning the company for future capital raising activities


Achieving fair valuation.

Effective two-way communication between company and investors