Making the most out of company Presentations

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Types of Presentation

A company uses presentations to inform various stakeholders’ information about the company, latest developments, earnings, future plans and strategy, etc.

Presentations can be classified into three types, viz;

     Corporate presentation: In an Corporate presentation the company provides information about itself.

The contents of a corporate presentation are:

  • Safe Harbor Statement
  • Brief introduction of Company
  • Facts and figures about company
  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • History / Timeline
  • Strengths/USP
  • Company Structure
  • Products/Services
  • Strategy and Targets
  • Financial snapshot
  • BoD and Management Team
  • Awards/Accolades
  • CSR initiatives
  • Contact information

Primary Audience: Corporate presentation is intended for anyone who is interested in knowing about the company

Updation Frequency: Corporate presentation can be updated as and when necessary. It should be updated at least once a year.

     Investor Presentation: The presentation a Company gives to investors/analysts at an event or conference organized either by itself or a broker.

Contents of an Investor Presentations are:

  • Safe Harbor Statement
  • Company Overview
    • Brief introduction
    • Company Structure
    • Products / Services offered
  • Why invest?
    • Growth Strategy
    • Competitive Advantages
  • Financial Overview
    • Current and Historical Financial numbers (at least past 2 years)
    • Performance v. Targets
    • Outlook / Guidance
  • Contact Information
  • Appendices
    • Management Team
    • History / Milestones

Primary audience: Investors/analysts present at the event where the presentation is being presented.

Updation Frequency: The Investor presentation should be updated for every new event/conference that the company attends, unless no material change has happened from the last presentation.

Earnings presentation: The presentation which a company releases about its financial performance after every quarter.

Contents of an Earning presentation are:

  • Safe Harbor Statement
  • Result highlights
  • Result Tables
  • Detailed results (vertical/geography wise)
  • Trends in Segments/products
    • Income and Expense analysis
    • Balance Sheet analysis
  • Why Invest?
    • Growth Strategy
    • Competitive Advantages
  • Company Overview
  • Contact Information
  • Appendix

Primary audience: Current investors and analysts

Updation frequency: Every quarter